Elipex GmbH was founded in 1995. We are an international service enterprise based in Wohlen AG, Switzerland where we represent several companies in Europe. We represent the following companies: Cuprum (Spain), SOVEL S.A. (Greece), IRO S.p.A. Odolo (Italy), Kelsen (Spain).
Elipex is able to offer several products for steel industry applications. We are active globally and supply various products for the steel and rolling-mill industry.
As a service company, we greatly value customer-focused collaboration and always aim to satisfy the needs of our clientele with the utmost care.
Through our worldwide activities and wide product range, we are always ready to present the optimum solutions and to satisfy our customers’ needs.
Our long-term partners and clients are industry-leaders and well established in the global steel market. Our adherence to delivery schedules and the quality of our products are the keys to our success.
With innovation, flexibility and motivation we achieve our customers’ satisfaction.
Trust and competent communication are the base of our successful business relations.