ELIPEX GmbH is the agent of the following european companies:

Cuprum S.A.

Elipex is the agent of the company CUPRUM S.A. since 1996. Cuprum is located in Bilbao (North Spain). The company is active worldwide & a main leader in the copper mould refurbishment industry. Cuprum refurbishes copper moulds for continuous casting machines (CCM) in square & round with an own special developed CNC machine. They can refurbish moulds with sizes from 120mm – 800mm. They can revamp fully the top part of CCM machines including new monoblock waterjackets made out of stainless steel to guarantee a perfect water gap and consecuently perfect cooling, new mould housings, oscillation table, bedding zone-segments & dummy bars for continuous casting machines. (CCM) Cuprum also refurbishes beam-blanks with an explosion process.


Sovel is a subsidiary of Sidenor Steel Industry. It is an industrial complex located in Almyros, Magnissia and includes a meltshop, a rolling mill, a wire mesh production unit as well as auxiliary units. In addition, Sovel has port facilities in Almyros, Magnissia.

  • Plant Area: 1,011,000 m2, of which 123,000 are covered
  • Meltshop annual production capacity: 1,350,000 tons
  • Rolling mill annual production capacity: 1,200,000 tons following the recent installation of the new line in which an uninterrupted casting/rolling method is implemented.


SD reinforcing steel:

  • SD straight bars
  • SD cut-to-length rebars
  • SD spooled coil

SD wire meshes:

  • SD stirrup reinforcing mesh
  • SIDEFIT special mesh
  • SD wire mesh
  • Sidefor and Sidefor Plus stirrup cages

IRO S.p.A. Odolo

We are selling rebars in straight bars (B500B & B500C) of the company IRO S.p.A. in Switzerland. The company IRO based in Odolo Brescia is producing rebars since 1951 with 1 EAF (80to), LF, CCM & 1 rolling mill in the following size range: rd 6mm - 40mm, Lengths: 6m, 12m, 14m,15m & 18m.


Refractarios Kelsen S.A. located in Aduna (Spain) belongs to the Calcinor Group. The Calcinor Group has high-quality Dolomite deposits with very low impurities. A rigorous selection for the ideal dolomite is made for the manufacture of refractories and refractory masses. Kelsen activities focus on the iron and steel making industry, which means they are highly specialised. In Oxygen steel-making plants, Kelsen products are used in safety and working linings in converters, casting ladles and ladle furnaces, blast furnace troughs and torpedo-ladles for the transport of pig iron. In electrical steel-making plants, Kelsen products are used in AC and DC furnaces, ladle furnaces and mixing troughs. In the specific case of electrical stainless steel making plants: AOD converter and transfer and casting ladles.